A Vegas showgirl wanders into the desert while performing her routine. The harsh conditions force her to acknowledge her own physical needs, halting her performance to the camera. Yet this is a dangerous freedom, as the viewer turns voyeur and ultimately predator. 


‘The Imagemaker’ exposes complicity in spectatorship by complicating the linear subject/object relationship of the viewer to the viewed. Shot entirely alone in the desert, the film uses 4K video to pan and scan around the image, creating the presence of a mute onlooker. With the artist acting as both director and performer, the film explores the Sisyphean effort of living female by  presenting the hazards of both self-consciousness and self-liberation. 


(20 min) HD, 2018

Music by Yannis Panos & Christian Ruggiero


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.