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Interactive Installation

3-Wall Projection with Sensor-cued Video and

4K Monitor on Loop,  2018

Three 4k projections create a highly detailed panoramic landscape of the Grand Teton mountains. All signs of human existence have been edited out of the image, and the sounds of quiet winter winds blow through the space. As visitors enter the gallery, motion sensors trigger the low rumble of a heavy machine sound approaching in the distance. Surround-sound speakers cause the floor to shake and rattle as the sound grows nearer. It builds to loud crescendo as a Dodge Ram blasts through the center of the peaks, kicking up clouds of lingering grey smoke in its path. 

Across from the panorama a 4K monitor plays a looped video of snow-covered Badlands National Park. Every 5 minutes a man walks into the frame, inserting himself into the center of the image.

Video Clip Cued by Motion-Activated Sensor:

Video Clip from Looped Video on Monitor


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