This video is an overview of the narrative and structure of The Enclave and a preview render of its 3D graphic environment. The film follows two Texas sisters who at the onset of the pandemic moved into The Enclave, a cyber-haven for like-minded women. Years later, the digital suburb is on the verge of bankruptcy, and the surrounding nature has caught a virus that’ begun to overtake the neighborhood. A Save-The-Neighborhood crowdfunding campaign that was shared on Reddit has given the women unwanted attention. In-fighting over trolling and tone-deaf pleas via their Twitch channel punctuate corporate performances to the camera, further unraveling the fantasy/delusion at the heart of The Enclave's promise of upholding the white, American ideal. As three roaming ‘live-feed’ cameras tour the neighborhood, they convey an uncanny loneliness, a feeling of confused anticipation as the sisters await an audience that may never arrive.


(30 min) 2022

4K Video Installation and Single Channel Film